Your Questions, Answered Here

How much does it cost to become a pilot?

That answer will vary widely depending on the country, as well as your flying goals. If your curious about an estimate of costs in Canada (in CAD), Langley Flying School has an excellent breakdown here.

For a quick answer, to get your basic private pilot’s license in Canada, which grants you the privilege of daytime operation of a single engine aircraft and to carry passengers, it will cost around $13,000. If you fly almost every day, and study hard, you can keep this cost down. If you don’t have the time/funds to fly often and study consistently, this figure will be a heck of a lot higher.

Do I have to be a citizen to flight train in Canada?

The answer to this one is simple: nope! As long as you have the right to be in the country, fly to your heart’s content. Depending on your aviation goals, be sure to be cognizant of how you will convert you license if you decide to carry on flying back home.

I get carsick/airsick/seasick, can I still become a pilot?

You absolutely can, don’t lose heart. I myself get pretty carsick, yet the sensation of flight is so different on my body that I don’t get the same symptoms as I would in a car. Don’t automatically assume that because a car or boat makes you ill, that an airplane will as well. Carry no expectations, and go up for that familiarization flight to see how your body fairs. If you have a prior history of airsickness, let your flying instructor know so that the first couple flights can be adjusted to be a little more gentle to help you acclimatize.

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